Commercial Display Freezers & Their Importance in Food Businesses

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If you're a food businesses owner you must know the importance of having a good display freezer for storing and showcasing your food items. People buy what they see! Making your products attractive for buyers is a very important business strategy. These days commercial display freezer with glass doors are largely used to enhance the attraction of the products and ultimately boost the sales rate.

Ice Cream Display Freezer

Why should you buy a display freezer?

The importance of display freezers to preserve and merchandise your food is undeniable. There's a misconception though that all these freezers are the same. To your surprise, the commercial refrigeration industry gives you so many choices to pick a freezer that perfectly matches your needs.

You must not hesitate while spending money on getting yourself a good display freezer. This instead will be a really good investment that you'll be doing to flourish your business. Here's how a good freezer will help you;

  • Keeps your food fresh even during harshest environmental conditions
  • Increase the chances of impulsive buying
  • Make your shop and food items presentable and attractive

Types of display freezers

They can broadly be divided into two important types.

Undercounter display freezer

  • They have only one door
  • They can be easily fitted beneath the work counters.
  • They range in size from 610nm in height and 690nm in width.
  • The capacity of these freezers may be 105-170 liters.

Upright display freezer

  • They can have single, double, or triple doors.
  • They are tall freestanding equipment and need a separate place for placement.
  • They can have a capacity of up to 2050 liters.
  • The size maybe 2055mm in height and 2079mm in width.

Commercial Display Freezers

Important features of display freezer

You must choose the freezer for your food business very wisely. Every business has its own demand. Ice cream display freezer won't be the right choice for poultry businesses and vice versa. Here're a few features that you must consider before buying a commercial display freezer


Countertop freezers are being used for many years and play a very important role in increasing the visual appeal of your shop. When you choose a freezer make sure that its countertop is stylish, transparent and the door is easy to open. If the freezer has a self-closing door it will be the icing on the cake. If the door is accidentally left open it'll close on its own and will maintain the inner temperature of the freezer.

LED lighting

People usually don't pay much attention to this feature but you must not overlook this. Buy a model that is properly equipped with LED lights. This increases the visual interest of buyers and they may end up buying your product.


With the increasing cost of electricity in the country, all the business owners prefer energy-saving equipment. If a supermarket freezer is too heavy on your utility bills, it may frustrate you. Choose a freezer that has maximum eco-friendly features.

Automatic defrost system

The quality of a commercial defrost freezer largely depends on its defrost system. Excessive ice build-up decreases the efficiency of your appliance and ultimately there's a risk of food deterioration. Moreover, it decreases the capacity and increases energy consumption resulting in high electricity bills.

Additional features

According to the demand of your business, there're some other features that you can consider too. Multi-door freezers for example are great for businesses that offer different variety of foods. It not only help you keep different products in an organized manner but are also a real visual statement.

There are temperature control units that automatically set the temperature of the freezer according to the products that are kept inside.

The quality and number of shelves is also an important feature. Shelves help in the personalized stocking of products. These shelves must be strong enough to bear the weight of the products.

Also, make sure to check that the motor does not create a lot of noise.

Maintenance Tips

No matter how durable your refrigerator is, if you don't take enough care of its efficiency may be compromised. Here's what you can do;

  • Clean the components of your freezer frequently so there's no dust and debris
  • Make sure you position the equipment correctly to allow adequate air circulation.
  • Don't overload the freezer with food items
  • Get the service done by an expert refrigerator engineer every month.